About Me

My name is Brad Wilson, and I am an undergraduate at the University of Alabama. My field of study is Computer Science, and I will graduate in December of 2016. I intend to earn a living as a software engineer.

I have experience in C, Ruby and Java. I have written in Python, C++ and C#, though I am less familiar with them. I have some experience with MySQL, Oracle SQL, SQLite and MongoDB. I have created a fully functional application for the Android OS, and I continue to develop my proficiency for coding on that platform. I am currently learning Clojure, and I intend to use ClojureScript for developing Web Applications. I also have experience on the Windows, OSX, and Linux operating systems, and I am currently familiarizing myself with FreeBSD.

Along with being a student, I am currently employed by Dr Xiaoyan Hong at the University of Alabama. I am researching the viability of implementing a Science DMZ networking architecture at the university. The goal is to have a high speed network with no packet loss for use with academic research.

As for me personally, I absolutely love programming. I can’t imagine anything else I would rather do as my career for the rest of my life. I love the requirement to always learn new things; to challenge yourself to think in new ways to solve new problems. I like to pick apart things to discover how they work, and I enjoy creating tools that make other people’s lives easier or more enjoyable. Feel free to contact me on Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, or through WordPress.