Daily Programmer Challenge

A useful tool for practicing your programming skills is the sub-reddit dailyprogrammer. This sub-reddit is dedicated to posting programming challenges that you can usually do any whatever language you’d like. The daily challenges come in three difficulties, easy, intermediate, and hard, and they host “weekly” mini challenges for a larger programming project.They don’t always meet the daily or weekly goal of posting, but it has been consistent and around long enough, that there are plenty of challenges to do. As of this writing, there are 260 easy challenges, 259 intermediate challenges, 259 hard challenges, and 24 mini challenges. You can find most of the old ones in an archive here if you don’t want to search through the sub-reddit for the relevant posts.

I’ve taken to accomplishing them in an Android app. I created an Easy Version application where I keep projects in separate views contained on a menu.

screenshot_2016-05-19-13-12-32.pngscreenshot 2016 05 19 12 47 55


If you want to stretch your coding muscles, but are having a hard time coming up with something to create, this site is extremely useful. Let me know if you guys agree, or show off some challenges you’ve completed in the comments below.

Featured Image from dailyprogrammer banner. Credit unknown. Images featured in the post are credited to Brad Wilson.


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