Killing the Commute

I spend a lot of time going places. 1 hour to get to campus, 20 minutes waiting on the bus or walking to my first class, 15-25 minutes walking between classes, another 20 minute walk back to my car, and 1 final hour getting back home. That is around 3-4 hours a day I am not being productive or engaging. My solution?


Programming podcasts for me are a double edged sword. One the one side, they cut through my boredom, and I get to hear people talk about one of my favorite things in the world. On the other side, well… remember all those things to learn we talked about earlier?

I feel like every podcast I listen to, I come away with at least 3 new things I “have” to know. I just try to keep in mind “All things in moderation.” Tools that sound useful I will usually at least check out and bookmark for later, other tools I hope will come to me when I finally have that specific use case come up. I look forward to those “Aha!” moments.

I mainly listen to two podcasts at the moment: Programming Throwdown and Ruby Rogues. Programming Throwdown features news, useful tools, and around a 30-45 minute segment on the shows featured language. Ruby Rogues covers a variety of Ruby topics, and generally invite guests onto the show who currently work as software developers. I enjoy both podcasts for their topic discussion and useful tools they talk about or provide in the show notes. I will probably start Developer Tea after I catch up to Programming Throwdown’s current show.

What do you guys do to make a long commute go by faster? Do you have any interesting podcast to listen to? How about audio book? Let me know in the comments!

Featured Image from Programming Throwdown. Credit to Patrick Wheeler and Jason Gauci


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