Clojure for the Brave and True

As I stated in my last post, 5 Types of Languages Every Programmer Should Know, I fell in love with Clojure. One of the main causes was coming across the book Clojure for the Brave and True by Daniel Higginbotham. I am still working through it as of this post, but so far, it has been one of the most enjoyable  language tutorials I have ever encountered. Featuring a whimsical writing style, a great introduction to the power of emacs, humorous coding examples like “Hit the Hobbit”, and a pretty in depth coverage of Clojure for the JVM, this is the type of book that brings new programmers to a language.

For anyone wanting to check out the book, Daniel offers a completely free version at his website here; however, I highly recommend getting a physical copy from Amazon or a retailer of your choosing. It supports the author, but it’s also just a fun book to curl up and read. I feel like I have gotten just as much sitting down and reading the book as I have from following along with my code editor.

I feel Clojure is a fantastic language to learn, and this book is an absolute must read for anyone wanting to give it a try.

Let me know if you agree, or if you give this book a try, let me know if it helped in the comments below.

Featured Image from the cover of Clojure for the Brave and True. Credit to Beth Middleworth and Daniel and Jessica Higginbotham


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